When I set up the KatyCan page on Facebook, I naturally included all the FAQs. Facebook actually led me through the process…it was too easy. I was stumped by this term for a while, and it wasn’t until I had my own business that I learned how relevant this acronym is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for freelancing pretty much revolve around pricing and how this is calculated. Because KatyCan works based on individual CV assessments and customised quotes, I have a whole block on my website dedicated to explaining this.

I also have automatic message options appear in Facebook messenger for customers to click on, explaining the payment process and how quotes are calculated. Nevertheless, questions are pricing remain the most frequently asked ones KatyCan receives. I’m never one to get annoyed at these questions, however, no matter how easy the answers are to find because if people are asking questions it means that they are interested.

Below is an infographic of the most frequently asked questions that KatyCan receives.