An outreach initiative called Help for Animals from Ukraine was launched by animal organisations around the Netherlands that teamed up to provide aid for Ukrainian pets. 🐶

These pets have owners who are unable to care for them at present, need help keeping up to date with their vaccines or simply need safe refuge from the traumatic situation from which they have fled.

What is Help for Animals from Ukraine?

The unconscionable war that continues to ravage Ukraine is an unprecedented disaster resulting in a refugee crisis. Anyone who has a pet knows how instrumental they are as a part of the family, and the toll it takes to leave a pet behind is unimaginable.


Many Ukrainian refugees had to make the hard decision. Image: Unsplash

This organisation was founded in order to provide aid to the Ukrainian people who fled their homes with their furry family members. It was formed by various aid organisations coming together.

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The organisation also acts as a haven for pets who have fled the conflict or have been abandoned. Volunteers and members care for the animals by providing food, shelter, supplies and medical attention.

How does this organisation provide aid?

‘Help for Animals from Ukraine’ is not only caring for the traumatised and confused pets by providing shelter and food but is also offering free vaccinations and chips for the pets. This is because the Ukrainian standards for pets are not as strict as they are in the Netherlands.

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It is not yet clear who is paying for the vaccinations, however. The organisation’s main concern, besides caring for displaced pets, is to prevent the recurrence of rabies in the country.


Image: Unsplash

Although the government temporarily relaxed the rules for animals coming into the Netherlands from Ukraine at the onset nearly six weeks ago, Ukrainians who register at the site will be helped free of charge. Still, the pets must be vaccinated and chipped.

Besides financially, how can I help?

If you have donated and want to do more, or if you want to help in ways other than financially, this organisation allows you to temporarily accommodate a family with an animal as a host family.

If you have animal feed, spare blankets, transport baskets or toys, they will be much loved and appreciated by the animals at the organisation. Volunteering at the centre is also high on the requirements in every capacity.

If you would like to know more about volunteering or hosting pets, please visit the ‘Help for animals from Ukraine’ website for more information.