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Our mission is to inform our audience about the most important stories coming out of the Netherlands. But let’s be honest, we also like to entertain our readers with fun stuff! Most importantly, we provide a platform where our readers can debate and share their opinion about Dutch-related issues. We like our opinions and editorials sharp and provoking, but we try to keep it neutral in general.”

Blog: The Control Enthusiast

“Covid caused my oxygen levels to drop to 56%, which is why I was then hospitalised, and it caused me to have muscle weakness"
Seeing as South Africa will not experience this feeling of hope for a while, it helps to talk to people who have had the vaccine and whose lives are returning to some semblance of normality.
The reduced number of museum visitors competing for prime viewing space is just one bonus of being a tourist under pandemic constraints. Another is being able to feel awe and intense appreciation for art, while the world outside collectively holds their breath until a vaccine is found.
We are mature enough, thoughtful enough, and 'woke' enough to be able to make out own choices. As is said in one of my favourite quotes: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
Where initially I thought Cuties was a promotion of paedophilia by Netflix (as had been the title of many scathing Facebook posts), I understood that ‘Cuties’ centres around themes of religious dogma, conflicting ideals of radical femininity, cultural displacement and the policing of girl’s sexuality.
I started the hike up the vegan mountain of information, opinions and controversies in an attempt to come to terms with my guilt at enjoying fast-foods while claiming to be an animal-lover.
Wanting to know more about COVID and South African hospitals, I asked a paramedic to describe the logistical nightmare haunting all hospitals in South Africa.
While I recognise the benefits of having proactive social movements that revolutionise corporate advertising campaigns, our responses to organisational support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is changing from ‘you go, Nike!’ to ‘go away, Nike…”
With decreases in amounts of charity donated to animal shelters, coupled with increases in the number of animals needing help, the merciless choice between euthanasia or closing down must be made.
On the topic of writing – I have always fancied myself gifted with the English language: a sort of silver-tongued writer.

Die Matie

During my University Days (said with a sigh of nostalgia), I discovered my passion when working as the News Editor for Die Matie. This is Stellenbosch University’s official campus newspaper, and to say that I had a blast during my time serving is an understatement.

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