During the COVID-19 pandemic, my business took off. KatyCan created and redesigned CVs and LinkedIn profiles for people from all over the world. KatyCan expanded to include writing website copy and offering to audit website content. Talk about hustling!


I became a member of the Main Editorial Team for Die Matie and was selected as the News Editor. I was responsible for the news section of the paper (first three pages) including assigning stories to journalists, laying out the newspaper and editing each story. To be cliché, this was the Read more…


I was introduced to the world of journalistic exploits. I volunteered as a journalist for the student campus newspaper, Die Matie. I wrote articles published bi-monthly on a variety of student-related topics.


I achieved top of grade results for matric (Grade 12) English and Applied English writing. My essays were published in school yearbooks from 2013-2015.


I wrote my first book (I made my little sister watch me type it) called “The Runaway Circus” on an old DELL Desktop computer. I printed it and bound it with ribbon and made my whole family read it. In retrospect, it’s not too bad for a 12-year-old.